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USAFL Recognizes North Star Blue Ox

PUBLISHED: Feb 14, 2017

The United States Australian Football League (USAFL) has formally approved the North Star Blue Ox to represent the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, the state of Minnesota, and the upper midwest of the United States beginning with the 2017 season.  The North Star Blue Ox are eligible to compete in USAFL sanctioned matches, regional tournaments and USAFL National Championships.  Additionally, members of the Blue Ox may represent the USAFL in the national teams.

USAFL President Denis Ryan says "The USAFL welcomes the Blue Ox to the USAFL family and competition. As the first standalone women's club in the USAFL, we are excited for the prospects the Blue Ox bring to developing women's Australian football in the USAFL."

USAFL Women's Director, Andrea Casillas added "Being a women's footy club uniquely positions the North Star Blue Ox to focus on serving the women's footy community in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The USAFL Women's Association anticipates the Blue Ox prospering for years to come."

The North Star Blue Ox always welcome new players, fans, or any one else with a passion for women's Australian Football.  For more info, please use visit our contact pages.

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