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What is Australian Football?

Australian Football, also known as Aussie Rules or Footy, is a fast paced exciting game that is played with a ball similar in shape but slightly larger than an American football. It combines elements of soccer, basketball, ultimate, lacrosse, and even volleyball.

Points are scored by kicking the ball between goal posts at either end of the field. The ball is advanced by hand passing or kicking. Hand passes are similar to an underhand serve in volleyball and the kicks are similar to punts in American football. Unlike soccer you can catch, grab, or pick up a ball. '

Some of the most exciting and elegant plays occur when players are catching balls kicked to them. Unlike most other ball sports, Australian Football is played with the ball in the air which makes it exciting to play or watch and leads to the fast paced, high scoring nature of the game.

For more in depth description of the sport, please visit the Introduction to Women's Footy or watch the following video.

Australian Rules Football. No Bullshit.