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The North Star Blue Ox will hit the field in mid to late April 2017.  We hold weekly training sessions and intrasquad games. Until then, check back here for social events and any other news about the Blue Ox.

Some of our programs are

AFL 9s

AFL 9s is the co-ed social version of Australian Football. It's a fast, fun, free-flowing game that involves 9 players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it's 'touch football' with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for everyone.

Blue Ox Metro League

Metro footy is our local intrasquad league.  We play by the normal Australian Football rules but on a smaller field with less players than a full 18 a side match. Metro league is a great way to learn the traditional version of Australian Football without the pressure of a fully competitive match.  Everyone is encouraged to spread their wings by trying new skills and play in various positions. 

Blue Ox Club Team

Our club team competes against other USAFL clubs including the annual USAFL National Championships tournament.  The Blue Ox club team is open to all players and there is a spot on the field for everyone!

USAFL National Teams

The USAFL operates a national team program comprised of the USA Freedom and the development squad USA Liberty.  If you aspire to play for a national team (and why wouldn't you), we can help you achieve your dreams.  We have a long, rich history of club members involved with the Freedom/Liberty as players, coaches, and staff members.

AFL Women's League & Australian Exchange

The Australian Football League launched a semi-professional women's league that begins play in February 2017.  Players that aspire to play in the AFLW and those that just want to develop their skills can begin their journey via the Australian Exchange Program which provides opportunities for our players to further their development by playing in Australia for up to a full year.

The Australian Exchange program reciprocates by providing opportunities for experienced female players in Australia to live, train, and play with the Blue Ox for up to a full year.  Training, playing with, and receiving mentorship from women competing at the highest levels in Australia is a fantastic way to help players reach their full potential.  Please visit out our Australian Exchange Inquiry for more information.

Keep in Touch

We love to hear to from people.  Not just those ready to jump in and join the Blue Ox but also those who aren't sure.  If you are just out for a some fun and great exercise or just want to be a fan, please reach out to us via the contact forms or the social media platforms at the bottom of the website.  

Australian Rules Football. No Bullshit.